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The first superbike. Photographed at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. It is #8 in the series.

This 16" x 20" print-on-demand metallic print was created by professional motorsports photographer Daniel Peirce. Each print is signed and numbered by the author.

What is a Metallic Print? An Endura Metallic print is a unique imaging paper from Eastman Kodak. Photographically printed, the subtle metallic surface produces a depth and color richness unmatched by any other process. A subtle 3D effect is discernible in many of the images. Giclee printing is swell, but for engine pictures, Metallic is the only way to go. Also, print longevity is an impressive 100 years. Metallic prints will not disappoint. Please allow up to 5 business days to ship.



Ted Simon rode a motorcycle around the world in the '70s, when such a thing was unheard of. In four years he covered 78,000 miles through 45 countries, living with peasants and presidents, in prisons and palaces, through wars and revolutions. Jupiter's Travels recounts the enthralling tale of his trek, and what distinguishes this book is that Simon was already an accomplished writer. In 25 years this book has changed many lives, and inspired many to travel, including Ewan McGregor.



Love them or loathe them the three-wheeler, Cycle-car or even Tri-car has had an important impact in the development of the present day motor car. From the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution to the concept cars of the future, these vehicles can hold their headlamps up with pride. They were present at the birth of motoring and possibly may be the answer to the future, because of the constant depletion of the Earth's energy resources.

The first self-propelled vehicle in the world was a steam-powered three-wheeler developed by Frenchman Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot in 1769 with, over a century later in 1885, a Benz three-wheeler being the first recognized machine to be powered by a gasoline engine.

From pioneering machines such as John Knight's 1896 Petroleum Tricycle and Nazi scientist Count S. von Teleki's WWII Bubble Puppy to the modern sporting vehicles of Razor Cars and the iconic Morgan three-wheeler, this fascinating chronicle covers more than 1,000 models from more than 450 manufacturers.

Vehicles from such varied manufacturers as Allard Clipper, Brütsch, Heinkel, Singer and Zündapp combine with the innovative 1933 Dymaxion-built streamlined three-wheeler, Daihatsu delivery trucks, the 1938 USA-built Trimobile and Reliant's much-loved Robin to bring to light the story of hundreds of remarkable three-wheeled vehicles.

Organized by manufacturer and including full details of all models and more than 470 photographs (together with an introduction by Charles Morgan of the Morgan Motor Company), The A-Z of Three-Wheelers is a comprehensive guide to this classic mode of transport.