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Barber's Best

A virtual tour of the classic motorcycle collection on display at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Leeds, Ala.

1974 Honda CB500

1974 Honda CB500

1974 Honda CB500

Country: Japan
Engine: Air-cooled, 4-cylinder 4-stroke
Ignition: Battery and coil
Power Rating: 48bhp @ 9,000rpm
Bore x Stroke: 56mm x 50.6mm
Displacement: 498cc
Fuel System: Four Keihin C.V. carburetors
Transmission: Five speed
Suspension: Front telescopic fork, rear twin shock
Brake: Front disc, rear drum
Weight: 445lb
Top Speed: 112mph

1974 Honda CB500 2

With the sales success of the CB750, it was obvious that Honda would follow up with a smaller version. The turbine smooth CB500 was a perfect machine for a great number of consumers, being lighter and more maneuverable than its big brother, and less intimidating. Engine size was increased to 550cc on later models.

1974 Honda CB500 3