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Tommaselli Clip-On Handlebars


Better bars

In addition to a comprehensive stock of parts for Italian motorcycles including Ducati and Moto Guzzi, Stein-Dinse also keeps a huge selection of Italian-made accessories on hand like these adjustable Tommaselli clip-on handlebars. Available in a wide range of sizes to fit different fork tube diameters, and different styles including double- and triple-jointed clip-ons, Tommaselli bars are widely regarded as among the best in the business. Stein-Dinse also stocks Tommaselli grips, levers, switches and more. Price varies ($146.36 as shown). MC

Honda CB750 Reproduction Starter Clutches by Motorcycle Yamiya

Reproduction Honda starter clutch

Honda CB750 parts specialists Motorcycle Yamiya in Japan have announced the availability of their own reproduction one-way starter clutch for K series Honda CB750s. Factory replacements haven’t been available for some time, leaving owners to either rebuild their starter clutch or buy used. The all-new Yamiya unit is priced similar to the original Honda part when it was still available. Shipped without clutch rollers, caps and springs, which are still readily available. $133.51 (at time of publication; shipping approximately $22). MC

Carbmate Carburetor Synchronizer by MG Cycle


A better carb synchronizer

Moto Guzzi specialists MG Cycle have the latest version of the Carbmate electronic carburetor and throttle body synchronizer for synchronizing 2-cylinder engines. Extremely simple to use, the Carbmate features an easy-to-read “east-west” nine LED bar graph display showing relative intake vacuum on each cylinder, displaying the information as a single value for easier visual identification. A “zero” adjustment knob gives quick pre-calibration and calibration resolution is adjustable for finer tuning. Solid state construction, mercury free and liquid free. $115.92. MC

NUVIZ Head-Up Helmet Display


Head-up helmet display

If you’re looking to stay connected riding without having to take your eyes of the road check out the NUVIZ Head-Up Display. Designed specifically for motorcycle riders, the NUVIZ displays customizable information in the rider’s line of sight. Featuring an intuitive, eyes-on-the-road handlebar controller and built-in HD camera for both stills and video, the NUVIZ brings together the important functions of the rider’s navigation, communication and media devices, allowing the rider to stay connected, but not distracted. $699. MC

Moto Guzzi Alternator Conversion Kit by Scrambler Cycle


Moto Guzzi charging upgrade

Owners of Moto Guzzi V700, Ambassador, Eldorado and 850GTs looking for better electrical output and reliability have a new option thanks to Scrambler Cycle’s new generator to alternator conversion kit. The kit, which requires no engine modifications of any type, includes a 45 amp internally regulated alternator, a new belt and all necessary hardware. With NOS generators hard to find and rebuilt units often running up to $400, this is a cost-effective improvement for your old loop frame Guzzi. $260. MC

Big-Bore Yamaha XS650 Cylinder and Piston Kit by Mikes XS


Big-bore Yamaha XS650

Yamaha XS650 fans looking for more grunt out of their old twin should check out the big-bore cylinder and piston kit from Mikes XS. The cylinder casting features substantially larger cooling fins that extend out as far as the cylinder head fins for enhanced cooling, while the forged pistons feature MoS2-treated skirts, an oil channel for enhanced piston pin cooling and valve pockets for large valves. The lightweight 9:1 pistons weigh approximately 455 grams, or around 1 pound each. Fits 1974-1984 XS650 engines. $719.92. MC

Evel Knievel Museum Opens at Historic Topeka Harley-Davidson

Evel Knievel’s 1974 Mack truck, Big Red (above), and his Laverda American Eagle jump bike (at bottom). They were both restored from near junk. Photos by Landon Hall

It all began with a set of leathers worn by Evel Knievel in 1974. Purchased in 2012 by former professional skateboarder and actor/director Lathan McKay, those leathers set off a worldwide hunt — “Evel Archaeology,” as McKay calls it — for Knievel memorabilia. Now, just five years later, Historic Topeka Harley-Davidson in Topeka, Kansas, is home to the new Evel Knievel Thrill Show Museum. Attached to the Topeka Harley-Davidson dealership, the 16,000-square-foot museum features two floors of everything Evel that one could imagine — and then some.

The trip through the museum starts on the lower floor, beginning with the story of how Robert Craig Knievel went from working in the copper mines of Butte, Montana, to traveling across the country jumping motorcycles over cars, buses, and, maybe most famously, the fountains at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Interactive displays give background on each of his important jumps through the years, many with live video footage of the actual jumps. Several of his jump bikes are included, from the 750cc 1969 Laverda American Eagle S he jumped for two years to the 1970 Harley-Davidson XR-750 Iron Head that he used for much of 1971 and 1972.

In addition to Evel’s leathers and bikes, the museum has Evel’s legendary 1974 Mack truck, Big Red, which was found rotting away in a Florida salvage yard and featured on the TV show American Trucker. McKay bought the truck and had it restored by Topeka Harley-Davidson with the help of a crew of specialists. Today its trailer also holds Evel’s original jump ramps, the same ones he used throughout his entire career, from the jumps at Caesars Palace to England’s Wembley Stadium. Rescued from a field in Butte, Montana, in 2014, they now reside back in the trailer, just the way they were stored for hauling all those years ago.

And that’s just the first floor. The second floor houses some of Evel’s most famous helmets, personal artifacts, his custom 1974 Cadillac pickup, and one of the two famous X-2 Skycycles, complete with crash damage incurred during practice for Evel’s failed 1974 attempt to jump Idaho’s Snake River Canyon. An amazing collection, the museum is a must-see for any Evel Knievel fan. Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for students, and free to children 7 and under. On the web at — Landon Hall