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Honda GL1000 Cold Start Carburetor Priming Valve Circuit by Pistol Pete's

Pistol Pete's

Honda GL1000 fueling

Honda GL1000 specialists Pistol Pete's have developed a Cold Start Carburetor Priming Valve Circuit (CSCPV) for Honda GL1000s and GL1100s that sit for extended periods. The CSCPV consists of a shut-off valve and auxiliary cross-over fuel lines installed in the fuel lines between the gas tank, fuel pump and carburetors. The valve is opened for 2-3 minutes to fill the carburetor float bowls and then shut off before starting the engine, saving starter wear. $57 w/filter, $37 without. MC

Ducati: A Photographic Tribute by Phil Aynsley


Ducati art

Ducati fans should check out professional motorcycle photographer and Ducati aficionado Phil Aynsley’s latest work, Ducati: A Photographic Tribute, Volume Two. Featuring a forward by professional photographer and former Cycle editor Cook Neilson, who rode a Ducati 750SS to first place at Daytona in AMA Superbike in 1977, Aynsley’s new book is richly illustrated with the detailed and engaged photography that has rightly made him famous. Limited pressing of 2,000. $119.95 AUD. MC

Spinner T-Handle Drivers by Motion Pro

Motion Pro

Quick spin

Tool specialists Motion Pro’s bearing-mounted Spinner T-Handle drivers are perfect for those bolts and screws you want to spin off or on quickly. The swivel drive 3/8in Spinner T-Handle II was perfect for spinning on the side cover bolts on our project Honda CB350, and the swivel head is great for starting awkwardly angled nuts or bolts like on the exhaust and elsewhere. $24.99 as shown. Also available are a bit driver ($26.99) and 1/4in drive spinner ($20.99). MC

Norton Commando Exhaust Header Pipes by EMGO


Norton Commando pipes

Replacement exhaust header pipes for Norton 750 and 850 Commandos are now available from EMGO. The pipes fit 1970-1973 750 Commando Roadsters, Hi-Riders and Fastbacks, and will also fit 1973-1975 850 Commandos with the use of 750 header clamps. The pipes do not have a cross-over tube as featured on 850 Commandos. Made of 1018 carbon steel and CNC mandrel bent, the chrome-plated pipes are designed to be a direct replacement for Norton 06-3375 and 06-3376 pipes. Price: $145 a pair. MC

Broken Zipper Fixer by FixnZip


Zipper repair

Here’s a cool product for that favorite old leather jacket with a failed zipper. FixnZip was made to fix broken zippers or zippers that have come undone. Installation is claimed to be as simple as placing the FixnZip in place on a zipper and tightening the thumbscrew that locks it in place. Available in three different sizes in a light or dark nickel finish and works on metal and plastic zippers. $9.99 single or $24.99 3-pack (small, medium and large). MC

12-Volt Alternators for Old Brits by Alton


Alternators for old Brits

Owners of vintage British singles and twins will want to know about Alton’s line of 12-volt alternators to replace original 6-volt generators. Made in France, the upgraded units provide a higher output (up to 150 watts max) so owners can run better lighting and maintain battery charge. The permanent magnet, brushless alternators are maintenance free and have been designed to look as authentic as possible. Nine models for Ariel, Norton, BSA, AJS, Matchless, Triumph, Vincent and Velocette. Price: $500-$590. MC

Finding Cannon Ball's Trail: Reconstructing the Motorcycle Cannonball Run

Finding Cannon Ball's Trail 

Chances are you’ve heard of cross-country endurance rider Erwin G. “Cannon Ball” Baker or you’re at least familiar with his famous “Cannon Ball” nickname, a moniker bestowed upon him by a New York City newspaper reporter after Baker successfully completed his epic 1914 cross-country ride aboard a 7 horsepower, two-speed, 1914 Indian Twin. Starting in San Diego, California, and ending in New York City 11 days, 12 hours and 10 minutes later, Baker smashed the previous record set by Volney Davis in 1911, also aboard a 7 horsepower Indian Twin, completing the trip nine days faster than Davis.

That ride made Baker famous, and his epic cross-country rides continue to inspire enthusiasts more than 100 years later. Ignoring the maybe funny but actually awful film, Cannonball Run, featuring Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise and a very young Jackie Chan, Baker’s rides are the direct inspiration behind today’s Race of the Century Motorcycle Cannonball, first run in 2010 and every two years since.

When 1972 Daytona 200 winner and AMA Hall of Famer Don Emde heard about that first 2010 retrospective race, it got him to thinking about the challenges Baker faced in 1914 and the effort it must have taken to ride cross-country at a time when, especially west of the Mississippi, good roads were essentially non-existent. That set Emde on a course to reconstruct Baker’s 1914 ride, which he did in 2014, leaving San Diego, California, at 9 a.m. on May 3, exactly 100 years to the minute from Baker’s 1914 start, and arriving in New York City on May 14 after an 11-day ride, just like Baker.

Surprisingly, the real story in Emde’s engaging book, Finding Cannon Ball’s Trail, isn’t his 2014 centennial ride, it’s the years leading up to the ride, particularly 2012 when he and fellow adventurer Joe Colombero started tracing Baker’s route, recreating and mapping it as best they could for the planned 2014 run. As Emde and Columbero mapped the route they explored and discovered the places Baker visited and the challenges he faced crossing the country. They learned about his troubles, his tactics and his victories, acquiring a new appreciation for Baker’s exploits a century ago. It was no easy ride then, and 100 years later Emde and his 2014 ride crew still had to fight poor roads and weather, just as Baker did, to make their way to New York City.

Rich in history and richly illustrated with period and contemporary photos and maps, Finding Cannon Ball’s Trail is far more than a simple recounting of Baker’s ride. It’s a full profile of Baker the man, the rider and the entrepreneur (Baker copyrighted his nickname and worked his rides to his best financial gain) and a must-read for anyone interested in the early days of motorcycling in general and the exploits of Erwin G. “Cannon Ball” Baker in particular as seen through the lenses of the past and present. Emde Books: 167 pages, $25. To order a copy, visit our store. MC