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The CB1100F returns!

by Landon Hall

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The CB1100F returns! 

Photos courtesy Ben Wojdyla for 

By now you’ve probably seen photos of the prototypes Honda debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in late 2007.

If not, check them out here 

Two were of interest to retro fanatics like us: the CB1100F (seen here at Honda’s stand at the show), a modern air-cooled standard that looks like a newer, bigger, meaner version of a 1975 Honda CB400F, and the CB1100R, an endurance-racer-inspired ride that’s got us chomping at the bit for a production model already.

While we’re still waiting to hear if the CB1100R will ever see production, according to Motorcycle News in the UK, the suits at Honda have announced that the CB1100F will be produced and will be coming to the U.S.


While details are still sketchy, plan to see it on showroom floors in late 2008 as a 2009 model. While there’s been no word on pricing just yet, we’re all hoping it is $10,000 or under (preferably under).

While the styling is mildly blocky (and reminiscent of many of the late 1970s and early 1980s Honda Supersports), it keeps the chrome fenders of some of the earlier CB’s. Many have already commented on their desires for spoked wheels (which most of the other retro bikes now being sold, including the Triumph Bonneville and the Ducati SportClassics, now feature).


While this great looking standard trades on style and history more than as innovation, there are reports of a new engine block design that allows air to pass between the two middle cylinders, along with speculation that it will fuel injected and that ABS brakes will either be standard or optional.

Welcome to the retro game Honda! Glad you finally made it!

To see a walk-around video of the CB1100F, click here 

For more photos, visit Jalopnik.


billy cantwell_2
3/15/2009 12:53:50 AM

As a proud owner of two cb900f,s an 81 and 82,This new cb1100f is a must have, the retro style is being brought back in so many auto makers that its about time" HONDA" has pleased us by this new bikes styling old school.. We plan to buy one.. Congrats HONDA.. BILLY

1/30/2008 2:13:20 PM

The original '83 CB1100F was beautiful, as were it's F-line predecessors from the '79 CB750F onward. This thing is BUTT-UGLY and an embarrassment. What were they thinking? I've had my '83 11F for over half my life. NO WAY would I even consider buying this monstrosity. Dragging good names through the mud seems to be a modern-times corporate philosophy; look what Chrysler did to the Charger; Pontiac did it to the GTO, Chevrolet did it to the (w)Impala and Malibu, and now Honda is on-board. Hateful.

ray maycock
1/26/2008 6:34:40 PM

I am so ready for this bike I for sure hope we see it soon here in the US. I will put my deposit down now and wait impatiently for this great motorcycle to arrive. However, I would surely think that it would be less than $10,000.00. The technology of old can't cost much as they already have it and have already used it in the 70's and 80's. The rear shocks are nothing out of the ordinary as well as with the front sliders. Brakes of course will be typical Honda which is a very good thing. I would hope that pricing is realistic at around $7899.00, that would be more in the ballpark for a ride like this one. If not I will pay up to $8895.00 and that is it or I will go ahead and choose another machine with updated technology. The reason Honda should bring back these type of bikes should be to make them more affordable for the average wage earner. Of course, I can only give my opinion on the matter and I doubt Honda will ever see it. I just hope they keep things on the up and up on the price, then I'm a buyer for sure. Sincerely or Ray Maycock Mountain View, Wyoming

james in ca
1/25/2008 10:48:45 AM

The CB1100R is where it's at! In Bol-D'Or trim it would look awesome and obviously go like stink. Send it OTD at $10,000 and I'm on it!

dave in wi
1/24/2008 12:32:12 PM

NO spoked wheels please!!! Tubeless tires rock.

1/23/2008 2:12:49 PM

Hopefully they'll build a smaller version like a 600 or 750. A 400 (like they sold originally) would be sweet but I understand people don't like to ride 400's any more. Funny, people thought 400cc was enough to buy when there was a 400 available to buy. -todd