John Lystul's Early 20th Century Indian Motorcycle Dealership

A reader shares a family photo of his great uncle's early 20th century Indian Motorcycle dealership and asks the wider cycling community if anyone knows more about it.

six men posed outside street corner early 20th century Indian motorcycle dealership

In the early 20th century, John Lystul owned and operated an Indian motorcycle dealership in Eugene, Oregon.

Photo courtesy of Jim Naftel

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We get a lot of interesting mail from readers, and especially interesting are the vintage photos of bikes and their riders people send our way. Sometimes the subject is known, and othertimes not, as is the case with a shot sent in by reader Jim Naftel, of Birmingham, Ala.

Jim writes: “I love your magazine, especially the new format. I’ve been a subscriber for about two years now and bought the magazine off the newsstand before that. I am attaching a photograph I found recently in one of my father’s photo albums. The legend says, ‘Great Uncle John Lystul’s motorcycle shop in Eugene, Oregon before World War I.’ 

“I know nothing else about it, and everyone in the family who could have provided details has passed away. I’ve searched the Internet for information but I have come up short. I thought I would send it in to Motorcycle Classics. Perhaps someone out there might have some insight and pass it along.”

Do you have any information about John Lystul or his early 20th century Indian motorcycle dealership?