Motorcycle Classics/RetroTours/River Road Sweepstakes Winner!

Congratulations to Clint Hoops, the winner of the Motorcycle Classics/RetroTours Redneck Giro Sweepstakes! We received thousands of entries for a chance at winning a spot in RetroTours' exclusive Redneck Giro and a complete set of leather riding gear from River Road Motorcycle Gear, and Clint was our lucky winner!

The Benelli Sei 900

The Benelli Sei 900 got its start as the Benelli Sei 750 ("Sei" is Italian for “six”), which was first unveiled in the fall of 1972 and was the first production 6-cylinder motorcycle in the world.

1973 Benelli Tornado 650S

The 1973 Benelli Tornado 650S had some design idiosyncrasies, but its power and smooth handling made it a great road bike.

6-Cylinder Motorcycle Shootout

In our 6-cylinder motorcycle shootout, three riders from different backgrounds take a quick ride on the Benelli Sei 900, Honda CBX 1000 and Kawasaki KZ1300 and give us their feedback.

Found on eBay: 1969 Benelli Tornado 650

Around here we're fans of all kinds of motorcycles, from the everyday to the rarest of the rare. But the ones that really get us drooling are unusual bikes that are in original condition. Though the Benelli Tornado isn't the rarest of the rare, we can't remember the last time we saw one in person, much less in this condition and for sale.

The Benelli Sei 750

The six-cylinder Benelli Sei 750 was the Italian answer to the Japanese onslaught.