Forgotten Middleweight: 1988-1991 Honda NT650 Hawk GT

Best bets on tomorrow’s classics: 1988-1991 Honda NT650 Hawk GT.

The R65LS arrived in 1983 as a hopped-up version of BMW’s entry-level R65. The short-stroke flat-twin engine featured larger valves, Nikasil cylinders, a lighter clutch and flywheel, a larger sump and Bosch electronic ignition. Power was up from 45 to 50. Hans Muth (fresh from sculpting Suzuki’s Katana) molded the futuristic mini-fairing/instrument panel, gas tank and seat/tail unit (with glove box): Like many ‘80s fashions, it didn’t age well. The standard R65 frame ran on new, lighter alloy wheels with dual Brembo front disc brakes, but retained the rear drum. Final drive was by shaft.
Image courtesy BMW