Honda CA95 Benly Touring

Tomorrow’s Classics: 1960-66 Honda CA95 Benly Touring.

Harley Davidson Scat
The penultimate model in a line of Harley 2-strokes that dated back to the Model 125 of 1948, the Scat was essentially a dual-sport version of the 175cc Pacer introduced in 1962. Intended as a road bike that could also be used offroad, the Scat added a sprung, high-mounted front fender, high-level exhaust, buckhorn bars and single saddle to the basic specification of the street Pacer. It was in many ways a precursor to the small offroad bikes that proliferated from Japan years later. Like the contemporary BSA D7 Bantam, the Scat used a 2-stroke engine based on the prewar DKW RT125 but now stretched to 175cc.
Photo By MC Staff