A 400 on Steroids: Suzuki GS450

Best bets on tomorrow’s classics: 1980-1983 Suzuki GS450.

Honda tuned the CB400 engine for midrange torque, courtesy of its “power chamber” exhaust collector box, but it still turned in a respectable 14.3-second quarter-mile run at 91mph. And on the road, Cycle magazine found it to be “one of the best handling motorcycles available today,” with “light, precise and responsive steering.” Cycle’s gripes were limited to noticeable driveline lash, a fade-prone front brake, vibration at high revs and cheap stiction-prone fork seals. They also noted a few missing conveniences, including the lack of an integrated steering lock and no self-canceling turn signals. Summing up its impressions, Cycle Guide called the CB400T, “a bike that answers your commands instantly and zings around corners with speed that will be the envy of 750cc riders.”
Image courtesy Honda