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Love for 3-Cylinder Bikes

3-cylinder bike 

Seeing 3-cylinder bikes in your last two issues knocked my socks off, and I wondered if together we could do, well, a triple play.

During Wisconsin’s last cold winter I worked up a 1981 Yamaha XS850. It’s basically stock, with some mods to make it into an old man’s café racer (comfort before function). The work pays off whenever someone counts the pipes, wondering if it was a four and I cut one off, or a twin and I added one. Nothing sounds like a triple at the stop light, and pulling away from it offers a pleasing pull. To further confuse onlookers I completely de-badged it and sport “GEE IDUNNO 3” on the side covers.

It’s an endless wonder of ideas and innovations motorcycle companies are willing to try, and we are all fortunate your awesome magazine brings them to us. —“Blue” Mike and Lana Peterson/Chetek, Wis.