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From the Owner

The ups and downs of owning a classic motorcycle

Michael Bailey's Norton Project Bike

Here are some shots of Mother Norton, a ten-year project I finished this August, just in time for my 65th birthday!  

Micheal Bailey's Norton 1 

Michael Baily's Norton 2 

I bought it from behind a tool shed for $500 – just as it was getting ready to settle its basic elements back out into the earth. But despite the grime encrustation, ape-hangers, Harley back wheel, and pearl-white frame; the unexpected Marchand Equilux headlight gave it a glint in the eye and an air of possibility. 

Michael Baily's Norton 3 

Micheal Baily's Norton 4 

There is no paint on the bike, unless you count the powdercoated frame. And the motor was blueprinted by my old friend T.C. "Hogslayer" Christenson ( He ported it and installed a medium-lumpy Megacycle cam. I fitted an 18-inch back wheel and Avon Super Venoms, Al Miles uprated the front brake, and I bolted up a MAP Mikuni kit just because I am a little lazy. You know from the slightly rude exhaust note that this is a healthy 850.   


With 850 Atlas torque, Roadholders and Hagons, it is A BLAST on the Jemez Mountain Road here in Northern New Mexico.