12 moto gifts for the holidays

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The Motorcycle Classics T-shirt is included in the Motorcycle Classics Gift Set.

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1. The Motorcycle Classics Gift Set is the ultimate package for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts, and would make a great holiday surprise. This collection of bike memorabilia is unlike any other and is packed with Motorcycle Classics favorites, including the On Any Sunday 30th Anniversary Boxed Set, Daniel Peirce’s stunning book of photography The Fine Art of the Motorcycle, the Motorcycle Classics “Don’t Hide It, Ride It” T-shirt (shown front and back), hat, and binder. Price: $79.95.

2. Over the past 100 years, Triumph has built more than just motorcycles — it has built legends. Triumph Motorcycles: A Century of Passion and Power, chronicles the complete story of this fabled marque, from the original motorized Triumph bicycles of 1902 to the magnificent Superbikes produced today. 187 pages. Price: $39.95.

3. Triumph has just announced another Steve McQueen Legends Series T-shirt. This one remembers McQueen’s participation in the International Six Day Trials in 1964. McQueen entered as part of a U.S. team and competed in the 200-mile endurance race that pitched him against some of the world’s top riders on a course that traversed mountain passes, forests and trails. Available only at Triumph dealers. Price: $39.95

4. They were the men of steel, racing around on some of the most beautiful machines ever made, and a lot of them had shirts printed up to sell to fans after the races. Mert Lawwill sure did! Most of these shirts were made into dust rags after they were worn to shreds, but Metro Racing offers a line of the shirts the racers used to have “back in the day.” Complete with racer’s autograph printed in gold on the sleeve, this Mert Lawwill Legends Series in ash gray makes a great gift. Price: $22.95. More info: www.MetroRacing.com

5. Here at MC, we’re fans of all things classic, and one thing we don’t see enough of any more are cool patches. Luckily, the folks at Metro Racing have us covered with cool old-school-looking patches from Triumph, Yamaha, Honda, BSA, Kawasaki and more. Perfect for sewing onto your favorite riding jacket to sport your true colors. Price: $4.25. More info: www.MetroRacing.com 

6. The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum is celebrating 50 years of Honda selling bikes in the U.S. by raffling off not one, but two vintage Hondas. The first is a 1969 Honda CB750KO Sandcast, fully restored by the prominent restoration expert Vic World of World Motorcycles. The second is an all original 1965 Honda C100 Step-thru with only one mile on the odometer. Some lucky stiff will win both, and raffle tickets are just $5 per entry, or five entries for $20. The drawing will be held during AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days 2010, and the winner need not be present at the drawing to win. To buy tickets online, go to www.MotorcycleMuseum.org and click on “Raffles and More”

7. Daniel Peirce is one of our favorite gear-head photographers, and his motorcycle engine prints are spectacular. The Norton 850 Commando metallic print is a 16-inch by 20-inch print signed and numbered by the “Lord of Light, Master of the Pixel” Daniel Peirce himself. This Commando was customized by Dave Howe and appeared in Cycle World magazine’s American Flyers in 2005. Sale price: $59.

8. Titled “Yellow Tank,” this fine art “giclée” print by Daniela Chiarabella is part of the Ducati Official Art Prints Collection, specifically the Icons & Vintage Collection. Perfect for the wall of your living room or your office at work, the print is available in four sizes on a variety of media (canvas, fine art paper or Cultbond). Price: €130-€495 (approx. $195-$740). More info: www.DucatiArt.com


9. The Ultimate Motorcycle 2010 Calendar is beautiful as well as educational. Chock full of cool bikes, including a Vincent Black Shadow, a Triumph Speed Twin, an Indian Four, a Honda Super Hawk and more, the great layouts include stunning photography, interesting technical notes and more. Price: $12. More info: www.Aerostich.com

10. For those who love BMWs above all else, we’ve found the calendar made just for you: Boxer-Lust. Featuring 12 professional photos of BMW Boxer-powered motorcycles of all vintages, this calendar is perfect for the home or office. Price: $49.95. More info: www.EPMPerf.com

11. Full of vintage racing photographs from the 1950s through the 1970s, the Classic Moments calendar features 12 photos of famous racing greats riding their machines at some of the best known racing circuits. If you’re like us, you grew up with these racers and now you can hang these pictures in your garage or office and have something different to talk about every month. Price: $49.95. More info: www.EPMPerf.com

12. The Route 66 Vintage Motorcycle Association of Joplin, Mo., put together this 2010 calendar, and we think it’s just too cool. Full of great old Triumphs, Harleys, a BMW, a Ducati and more, this slick calendar features 12 great photos and is a nice mix of restored and customized motorcycles. Price: $13.99. More info: www.Route66VMACalendar.com