Ride in style with these Triumph t-shirts

15 motorcycle T-shirts you will love

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Aerostich’s “Trust Me” shirt is an exact replica of a shirt from the 1960s commonly worn around Southern California shops and racetracks.

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Boost your retro motorcycle clothing collection with these Triumph T-shirts and other classic motorcycle t-shirts:

1. It takes a sense of humor and an awareness of motorcycling history to appreciate this design. Aerostich’s “Trust Me” Triumph t-shirts are an exact replica of a shirt from the 1960s commonly worn around Southern California shops and racetracks. The three-color design authentically reproduces the logo of Red Line Triumph’s shop in Santa Barbara. Price: $20. More info: www.aerostich.com

2. Baxter Cycle in Marne, Iowa, has been one of the premier providers for British bike owners for more than 15 years. Who knew Baxter also made cool Triumph t-shirts? Our first favorite is the Triumph Blue Shop T-shirt, which features the shop logo on the back. We’re also keen on the Leaping Tiger White Shop shirt, which features the retro Triumph tiger logo on the front and the Baxter shop logo on the back. Other shirts are available featuring BSA, Norton and more. Price: $10 each. More info: www.baxtercycle.com

3. Get them while they last! There are only 100 or so of our classy black Motorcycle Classics T-shirts left in the warehouse, so if you don’t own one already, order one now! They feature our Motorcycle Classics logo writ large across the chest on the front and the “Don’t Hide It, Ride It” logo on the back. Price: $14.95. More info: www.MotorcycleClassics.com/Shopping

4. Ever since the release of our last T-shirt (see No. 1) we’ve had requests for more designs featuring classic motorcycles. Now available in both long- and short-sleeve T’s, we’ve got four new designs that feature the Moto Guzzi LeMans, BMW R90S, Kawasaki Z1-R and a Colorado Norton Works custom Norton Commando. Price: $14.95 (short sleeve), $16.95 (long sleeve). More info: www.MotorcycleClassics.com/Shopping

5. Yes, that’s a nun. Smoking a cigarette. She’s also wearing engineer boots and sitting on a café’d Montesa Impala. Those are the facts. Every time we see this shirt it makes us snicker, and that’s why it’s here. That is all. Price: $18. More info: www.aerostich.com

6. Old-school and heavy duty (that’s a real 8-inch twill patch!), this Busted Knuckle Garage T-shirt is almost too nice to work in. It features a speed-loving mechanic aboard a vintage V-twin. Price: $19.09. More info: www.bustedknucklegarage.com

7. The folks at Bates Leathers clearly aren’t lacking a sense of humor. One of the simplest and funniest shirts here, the front reads: “Cows die. You live.” Ah, the joys of good leather, expertly sewn and placed between you and the road. The Bates logo adorns the back of the shirt. Contact Bates for color choices. Price: $20. More info: www.batesleathers.com

8. Featuring a vintage Moto Guzzi race bike at speed behind a cool MG logo, the Piston shirt from Moto Guzzi is a heavy duty, well-made T-shirt with a small Moto Guzzi tag on the top back. Visit your local Moto Guzzi dealer for a variety of neat shirts like this one. Price: $33.65. More info: www.motoguzzi-us.com

9. You’ve seen Davida’s cool retro helmets in the pages of Motorcycle Classics many times. They make a couple of pretty slick motorcycle T-shirts, too, our favorite of which is the Davida Wing t-shirt pictured here. Price: £16 (approx. $24) More info: www.davida.co.uk

10. Z1 Enterprises is the place to go for all kinds of new-old-stock and aftermarket vintage Japanese motorcycle parts. It’s also the place to go for a cool motorcycle T-shirt with a Kawasaki Z1 engine and logo small on the front and large on the back (shown). Available in black, navy blue, cardinal (red), charcoal (shown), and more. Price: $12. More info: www.z1enterprises.com

11. Competition Accessories is the place for a variety of great motorcycle riding gear, from the ramp we featured last issue to motorcycle helmets. The company also carries a variety of great motorcycle T-shirts, our favorite of which is the “Old Guys Can Still Go Fast When They Want To” shirt, which features that slogan and a Vincent Rapide on the back, with a small “Dangerous Designs” logo on the front left. Price: starting at $18.99. More info: www.compacc.com