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Motorcycle Classics at the Isle of Man 2016

Steve Baker on his Yamaha 

Steve Baker, the first American to win a road racing world championship, aboard a Seventies-era Yamaha OW31 at the Isle of Man. Photo by Ken Richardson.

The Isle of Man. For motorcyclists, the name resonates like few others. For over 100 years, the Isle has drawn motorcycle racers and enthusiasts to one of the most thrilling circuits in the world to watch as racers hustle around its fabled 37.73-mile mountain course. You’ve read about it, you’ve watched videos from the TT, and some of your friends have gone. “Someday,” you’ve told yourself, “I’ll make it.”

Well that “someday” is drawing near if you join Motorcycle Classics as we head to the U.K. for the 2016 Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling and Classic TT races, hosting a very special tour Aug. 24 through Sept. 2, 2016. The 10-day tour will be led by seasoned tour planner and vintage motorcycle enthusiast Eligio Arturi of Mototouring in Italy, with Motorcycle Classics editor-in-chief Richard Backus riding shotgun.

Day One will be in London, after which we’ll spend two days riding across England, stopping along the way at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham as we head for the small town of Heysham on England’s west coast. There, we’ll catch the Heysham ferry for the three and a half hour sailing to Douglas and the Isle of Man.

Once we’re on the Isle, we’ll spend four full days living and breathing the Festival of Motorcycling, which includes a lot more than just the Classic TT races. We’ll watch the races, of course, but we’ll also ride around the Isle, checking out the different events (click here for the official IOM event schedule) going on during the festival and soaking up the scene.

The Isle of Man really is the heart of U.K. motorcycling, with tens of thousands of vintage bike fans descending on the Isle every year, bringing with them an amazing variety of vintage machinery. During the festival, enthusiasts ride around the course and through the coastal towns on bikes we’re lucky to see in museums, if at all, including brands like Sunbeam, Rudge, Douglas, Levis and more. When it’s all done, we’ll take the ferry back to England, then ride to Liverpool and Manchester for dinner and an overnight stay. The next day it’s back to London for a farewell dinner and overnight before heading back home.

Don’t miss this incredible chance to experience the Isle of Man for yourself. Cost for the tour is 4,500 euros — $4,850 at press time — which includes your bike, hotels, ferries, a support vehicle carrying luggage and first and last night’s dinner in London. If you want to use your own bike the cost drops to $3,000, but you’ll have to make your own arrangements to get it there. We’ll have schedule and event updates in the coming months, so stay tuned. In the meantime, get the tour on your calendar and make plans for the greatest motorcycling experience of 2016, a trip to the Isle of Man! To reserve your spot in the tour, head over to the Mototouring website.

6/23/2016 9:07:53 AM

I contacted Mototouring to see where the issue with ColdRider's deposit sat. I haven't heard anything back from ColdRider, but I was informed by Mototouring that his deposit was refunded. I can't speak to Bob's complaint other than to say that with any tour it's wise to purchase some sort of airline ticket insurance. Tours are scheduled with the anticipation they'll attract enough participants to be viable. If they don't, they will get cancelled, as was apparently the case for Bob and the 2015 tour. Richard Backus/Motorcycle Classics

3/31/2016 5:35:46 PM

Mototouring Rip-off Avoid them at all costs!! Do not use Mototouring SRL - They will rip you off. On 29 Jan 2016 I booked a tour with Mototouring for my brother and me. We wanted to make a ‘trip of a lifetime’ by going to the Isle of Man Manx GP at the end of August 2016. I paid the deposit of EUR$700. On Feb 21st only 3 weeks later, I had to cancel the planned trip as I was notified my brother had suffered a heart attack. I immediately notified Mototouring of the problem but they outright refused to give a refund. Heck - we gave them over six months notice of cancellation and the thieving beggars still refused to do anything for us. They would not even respond after their initial refusal to refund the deposit. Their website has very limited in information. They say they will refund if they cancel a tour but they do not state any other circumstances under which they will offer refunds. They do not say they won’t offer refunds. It is TOTALLY reasonable under these circumstances for a refund to be issued - medical reasons and SIX months advance notice!!! What a bunch of self conceited rip-off artists. They are just out to screw you once you give them your money. With them it’s not about the love of motorcycling …. It’s all about the cash grab. BE WARNED

11/5/2015 5:30:27 PM

I had signed up for Mototouring's 2015 IoM tour. Foolishly, I bought plane tickets several months before the departure date. One month prior to the tour's start, Mototouring cancelled the trip, leaving me with non-refundable airline tickets and little time to make alternate plans. I will never again do business with Mototouring.