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National Treasures

A look at the vintage motorcycles on display at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa.

1975 Hercules Rotary

 1975 Hercules Rotary 1 

1975 "Wankel 200" Rotary Engine

The idea of the rotary engine, developed by Dr. Felix Wankel, proved irrisistable to manufacturers the world over. Many of them invested heavily in research programs that never got to production. Sachs-Hercules pulled it off, however, and managed to put a rotary-engine bike on the market. Wonderful in theory, the rotary engine proved unsatisfactory in practice and the venture was abandoned before the Eighties.

1975 Hercules Rotary 2 


doug mangan
5/4/2012 2:04:06 PM

Customized? ;-)

5/3/2012 2:22:11 PM

BTW, the Rotary or "Wankel" engine was designed by Dr. Felix "Wankel" and not "Wenkel"

david mccrary
5/3/2012 1:56:28 PM

Why would you use this bike that was customized by a deranged teenager to talk about rotary engines? If you are going to use this photo why don't you give some expanation as to its current condition?