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by Dain Gingerelli
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Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 978-0-7603-3474-4

Pages: 320

Copyright Year: 2010

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Motorcycles have come a long way since Gottleib Daimler bolted an internal engine to a wooden-wheeled velocipede. Among the thousands of great, near-great and downright awful motorcycles built since then, many stand out as icons, or as engineering or cultural landmarks. Your opinions might differ, but you wouldn’t want to miss out on the bikes identified by authors Dain Gingerelli, James Manning Michels and Charles Everitt as rides-of-a-lifetime. These 365 must-ride motorcycles range from classic gaslight-era bikes, racers, and modern sportbikes to oddities that have to be ridden to be understood (or believed). From the 2007 Ducati 999R to the 1909 Harley-Davidson Silent Grey Fellow, 365 Motorcycles You Must Ride promises hours of entertainment (and a thrilling to-do list) to any motorcycle enthusiast.

About the authors
Dain Gingerelli has been a motorcycle enthusiast since 1965, and he began writing for motorcycle and automotive magazines in 1970. He’s been an editor for six motorcycle titles, and he’s authored numerous hot rod books. Prior to 365 Motorcycles You Must Ride, he completed his first motorcycle book, Harley-Davidson Museum Masterpieces, with photographer Randy Leffingwell. Dain lives in Mission Viejo, Calif., with his wife and two sons.

James Manning Michels is a lifelong motorcyclist and accomplished road racer. He lives in Minneapolis, Minn.

Charles Everitt is a former editor for just about every motorcycle magazine ever published. He wrote How to Repair Your Motorcycle. He lives in Hollywood, Calif.

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