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by Nigel C Winter
Item # 5807

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9780956497543

Pages: 160

Copyright Year: 2011

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When lawyer Nigel Winter takes a few days off to follow in the tyre-tracks of one of England's greatest engineers, re-creating a ride from half a century ago that will take him from Land's End in southern England to John O'Groats in northern Scotland, he finds far, far more than he expects. For Mr Turner designed the motorcycle that powered Marlon Brando to fame in The Wild One and also the Triumph Bonneville, so beloved of '60s tearaways.

Travelling with Mr Turner throws wide open a portal into another world. As the author travels north you begin to feel the ghost of Turner, and his larger-than-life personality, peering out of the pages. Behind him looking on are the multitude of ordinary working people from the 1950s and 1960s, their fears and hopes, and the weird and wonderful class prejudices and management styles of the day.

And as they ride toward John O'Groats, the author on his modern Triumph and Turner on his Triumph Terrier in 1953, we encounter the bizarre history of Triumph Motorcycles. Record-breaking machines that sold around the world, and whose entire work force locked out the management just so that they could continue to make motorcycles and prevent Triumph from being consigned to history. A history so completely off the wall that it simply has to be true. Travelling with Mr Turner draws the reader in to experience how life was lived in those post-war decades of tumultuous change and rock 'n' roll and how the legend of Triumph encapsulates an entire generation in a world now nearly vanished into history, but still somehow wonderfully alive today. Witty, satirical and a truly riveting read, one that leaves the reader just begging for more!

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