1923 Scott Sprint Special

| 8/15/2012 10:59:06 AM

1923 Scott Sprint Special 1

1923 Scott Sprint Special

Country: Great Britain
Engine: Water-cooled, twin cylinder 2-stroke
Ignition: Magneto
Bore x Stroke: 74 x 68mm
Displacement: 596cc
Valves: Rotary inlet valve in crankshaft
Fuel System: Single Amal carburetor
Transmission: 3-speed
Suspension: Front telescopic forks, rigid rear
Brakes: Front and rear drum
Weight: 335lb.
Top Speed: 85mph

1923 Scott Sprint Special 2

1923 Scott Sprint Special 3

Alfred Angus Scott, a Yorkshire man, built the revolutionary Scott motorcycle in 1908. Features such as water-cooling, automatic oil injection and rotary inlet valves can be seen today in modern 2-strokes. These classic British motorcycles were so superior in performance that they were banned from certain racing events. This example was built to compete as a vintage racing motorcycle, combining parts from a "Super Squirrel" and a "Flying Squirrel." Scott, the innovator, was responsible for nearly 60 separate motorcycle patents.

1923 Scott Sprint Special 4