KC’s HoAME Rally Rocked – Get Ready for Road America!

| 6/7/2010 11:16:25 AM

2010 HoAME Rally Vincent Rapide
Lovely 1951 Vincent Rapide took top honors at the 2010 HoAME Rally & Show held at the Airline History Museum in downtown Kansas City, Mo., Sunday, June 6. 

The Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts Rally & Show at the Airline History Museum in downtown Kansas City, Mo., was a resounding success, as an estimated crowd of 2,500 classic bike fans roamed through the museum’s cavernous hangar to check out the hundreds of classic Hondas, Harleys, Nortons, Ducatis and more that were on hand for last Sunday’s show.

2010 HoAME Rally Ducati 750SS
One-owner 1974 Ducati 750SS, all original except for paint. Beautiful. 

Japanese bikes were strong this year, with an excellent sampling of Honda CB750s, CLs, a few Suzuki and Kawasaki dirt bikes and more. There was lots of variety, however, ranging from a beautifully restored 1968 Aermacchi/Harley-Davidson Sprint 350SS to a spectacular 1951 Vincent Rapide, and with just about anything else you could think of in between. Rarities on hand included a 1969 Norton 750 Ranger, a 1974 Ducati 750SS (one owner!), a 1952 Zundapp KS601 with factory-fitted Steib sidecar, a single-cylinder J.A.P.-engined flat tracker, a Laverda 1000, and my favorite, a one-owner 1967 Honda CB450 Black Bomber with just over 2,100 original miles on it – and the owner rode it to the show!

2010 HoAME Rally HD Sprint 350SS
Lovely 1968 H-D Sprint 350SS. 

The bikes were more than cool enough, but all eyes were on the tarmac when the museum staff fired up the 1958 Lockheed Super Constellation that’s part of the Airline History Museum’s permanent collection. Smoke belched from the plane’s left inside engine as it roared to life, then the air cleared and the staff gave the engine a little leash, letting it spin up and run smoothly for three or four minutes. Very, very cool, and I can only imagine what it sounds like when all four engines are running.

6/10/2010 12:00:08 PM

It was great seeing you guys at the show . Pull some strings so I can win that Triumph! Oh and although you say your favorite was the Black Bomber,, you didn't put up a pic. Well the owner is my friend and neighbor and I took one as he won for Best Unrestored. [IMG]http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q148/pumps32/2010%20HoAME%20Vintage%20Bike%20Show/IMG_0090.jpg[/IMG]

6/9/2010 12:18:18 PM

Thank you Richard for the nice review of our 19th Annual Vintage Motorcycle show, presented by the Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts. It was a fabulous day and you captured the spirit. Promoting our program through Motorcycle Classics has proven to be a winning combination. It was great to have the magazine presence at the show. We look forward to working with you again next year. Regards, Jim van Eman, HoAME Show Director, Kansas City, MO jvesbc-hoame@yahoo.com

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