Get Ready for Retro Moto TV!

| 1/4/2013 3:35:51 PM

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Retro Moto's Matt Smith

Retro Moto host Matt Smith with a Manx Norton featured in the first episode.

Well known vintage bike enthusiast and founder of the Chadds Ford Classic Motorcycle Auction John Lawless is dipping his toe – or more like his entire body – into video with the premier of a five-minute mini-episode of his planned new show, Retro Moto, on PBS’ Motorweek, January 5 and 6, 2013, and again January 15 at 8 and 11 p.m. on the Velocity network.

Matt Smith plays host in the new series, produced by Lawless, Sheldon Brown and Ed Buffman, who say the show is about classic motorcycles “and their timeless art and beauty, as well as the people that appreciate and love them.” We’ve checked out a couple of trailers for the new show, and we like what we see. Fans of Orange County Choppers won’t be tuning in, but those of us who love old bikes and the people who keep them running will. Lawless and crew’s new show looks like the perfect tonic to the sort of tired, overwrought and over-hyped crap that typically defines TV. Real enthusiasts already know that old bikes are cool, and we don’t have to be hit over the head with hyperbole to appreciate what we’re seeing. Fortunately, Lawless and Smith don’t, instead keeping the viewer focused on the real point of interest, the motorcycle.

“We're testing two Norton Manx and a Yamaha TZ750 in this show,” Lawless tells me, adding, “We're trying to get folks to give some feedback to so that we can continue to air episodes.”

This is definitely vintage motorcycle TV worth watching: Go to Motorweek to check local listings, and follow updates on the show on the Retro Moto TV Facebook page. You can also contact Lawless directly at john@myclassicmotorcycle.comRichard Backus

john stockman
1/19/2013 5:39:34 PM

Well, I watched Motorweek on Jan. 15 at both listed times on Velocity, but didn't see anything about this show. I DVR'd both shows and watched them twice, thinking I couldn't have missed it, but it wasn't there. C'mon Velocity, I expect better...maybe not since they started showing nature documentaries during non-primetime hours. These are the same shows that can be seen on all the other doc channels like Science, Discovery, History 1 and 2 and PBS. Please, just ONE network that can stick to their broadcast mission and not ruin it with nascar/reality-all-the-time or a car/motorcycle oriented channel that shows nature documentaries. Is it so difficult?

dawn havens
1/16/2013 1:09:17 AM

I ordered Velocity from Dish but can't find Retro Moto on the guide. We get PBS but heard about it after the air dates so don't know if we would have gotten to see it there or not. I agree with everybody that there should be more motorcycle stuff on tv especially flat track. My husband is big on British bikes and if anyone has some parts or basket cases for sell or trade let me know. It is also just nice to visit with other British enthusiasts

john stockman
1/11/2013 9:52:21 PM

Yeah Steve, same with the NW...although not as severe in Washington state as you folks get in the Northeast. With the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle in December, and some shows like Retro Moto and others, we can get our motorcycle-fix until the full riding season commences.

john stockman
1/11/2013 9:47:57 PM

I looked ahead in my DirecTV listings for Retro Moto, but haven't found it...yet. I decided to go with the HD upgrade just to get Velocity late last year. I was prompted because of my disgust with Speed and their blatant disrespect of motorcycle racing enthusiasts they displayed last season. More than once they interrupted world championship-deciding racing with a nascar news show. Halfway into the races, they butt in with the nascar show and do not show the last half of those interrupted races until hours or days later. Both with MotoGP and WSBK. I like to have friends over to watch the races, but we just sat there with our mouths hanging open and they didn't get to see the end of those races...because they can't stay all day to wait until Speed decides to air the rest of the race. More than once last year, our day of race-watching was ruined because Speed assumed that motorcycle racing was beneath their coveted nascar "news"; not actual racing, but a nascar news/commentary program. I saw that Velocity was showing the Isle Of Man, Cafe' Racer and other bike-oriented shows, so I signed on. I hope that Retro Moto continues on, as we need more positive shows about motorcycling. Not a bunch of idiot-sticks assembling poseur butt-jewelry, throwing stuff around, yelling at each other, and walking out like children on a playground. If I want that, I can remember my time in elementary school. Thanks to the producers and the networks that air this show!

steve klose
1/11/2013 3:41:41 AM

I get Velocity HD through Verizon FIOS, and was enjoying Café Racer until that show disappeared. Like most cable channels they're endlessly promoting other network shows but I've never seen a promo for Retro Moto. I guess their expectations aren't too high. But I will be tuning in. Watching motorcycle-related shows in the Northeast in winter gets you stoked for spring.

gerald estes iii
1/11/2013 12:05:38 AM

same boat here spydi, we have neither a tv or local cable provider here at the house - doesnt detract a neat concept one iota. a five minute anything aint that easy no?

1/10/2013 11:16:51 PM

Our cable carrier doesn't appear to carry the program on either Velocity or PBS ( checked my Tivo). Being only 55 miles from San Francisco (home to Northern California British Motorcycle Club, plus the Classic Japanese Motorcycle Club (I belong to both), we are not exactly out in the sticks. Infineon Raceway (ne Sonoma Raceway) is only 25 miles away and features NASCAR, historic sports car and motorcycle racing. It's odd that Retro Moto hasn't been considered for local broadcasting to what should be a fairly large TV audience. Must be all about money. ):(

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