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| 8/5/2008 10:47:21 AM

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Alison Green and a pair of BMW GS80s, a favorite of the Canadian rider. 

Counter-Steering: Bikes and BloggingBefore we started this whole blogging/e-newsletter business, we figured it’d be fun and easy. Fun it is, and assuming you don’t have a gazillion other things to do, sure, it’s easy. Ahh, but there’s the kicker, because with everything else going on around here, it seems I can barely stay one step ahead of our publishing deadline, let alone stay on top of a blog. I needed relief: Enter the newest member of the Motorcycle Classics blogging family, Alison Green.

I love serendipity, and getting Alison on board has been pure serendipity at its best. Associate editor Hall and I had been discussing how we wanted to wrangle some guest bloggers for the site, but we wanted to start out with somebody who’d feed into the discussion on a regular basis, someone who’d maybe inspire other blogger/writer wannabes with their brilliant prose and insightful comments on the state of motorcycling in general and classic motorcycling in particular.

A general slacker mentality on my part had kept me from getting anywhere on the matter when an email came in from a certain Alison Green, expressing her undying love for Motorcycle Classics (okay, so she only admitted to “enjoying” it). A member of the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group with a passion for old BMWs and restoration, she was interested in sharing her thoughts on riding, wrenching and restoring. Were we interested? In a word, yes, and starting now, Alison is penning a new series of blogs for Motorcycle Classics, Counter-Steering.

A Canadian by birth and a geologist by profession, Alison’s also an instructor with the Canada Safety Council motorcycle course. A self-taught tinkerer who’s interests run to complete restorations, she’s also a BMW fanatic and bought her first, an R60/6, brand new in 1975. If you’re a motorcyclist, you’ll learn those basic points within a few moments of meeting Alison. But as with anyone, there’s so much more to her story, so we put the question to her: Who is Alison Green?