Billy Joel Motorcycle Show

| 6/16/2009 2:30:16 PM

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Billy Joel with Knucklehead
Billy Joel with one of his new/old Harleys, a reworked Knucklehead 
(Photos by Phil Fazin)

We all know Billy Joel for his rock-n-roll piano playing, but how many knew the Piano Man is also a hardcore vintage bike fan? Turns out that Joel, whose first bike was a BSA back in the Sixties, has a collection of over 31 bikes, 20 of which he’s exhibiting at the “Billy Joel’s Motorcycle as Art and Icon” show. Oh yeah, and he’s displaying Motorcycle Classics at the event!

We found out about Joel’s planned exhibit when his publicist called to order a couple of cases of Motorcycle Classics. Turns out Joel’s not only a classic bike fan, he’s a fan of Motorcycle Classics, as well, and he wanted copies of the magazine on hand to pass out to friends and attendees during the exhibit.

Billy Joel's Sportster
Billy Joel's take on the original 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster, this time
with modern hardware including disc brakes and belt drive.

Joel’s collection is remarkably diverse, ranging from classic mounts like a 1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR Café Racer and a 1975 Honda Gold Wing to a 1952 Vincent Rapide and a 1975 Ducati. He also has a collection of Harley-based specials designed to look like vintage Knuckleheads and Panheads.

Billy Joel's 1945 Panhead
Billy Joel's 20th Century Cycles 1945 Panhead bobber 

ralland mcl
11/9/2010 6:55:39 AM

1948 was the 1st year panhead motor on the panhead bobber.

Ray Bligh
6/18/2009 4:50:35 PM

The exibit was great. New-old harleys, classics and lots of cool Cafes. What a blast!

Rick Feigner
6/18/2009 4:48:09 PM

I Think billy has really nailed it, Nothing better than a vintage bike that will stop, and go when you want it to. I have built many old school bobbers, cafe, etc. I think any make and model is fair game to chop, customize, Build it, ride it, have fun. By the way the last bike in the artical is a kowasaki 1500 drifter. Thanks for the great mag. keep it comeing. Thanks Lynn Demiurge