Barber Vintage Festival: Biggest and Best Ever

| 10/13/2010 12:29:11 PM

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MC Tent at Barber 2010 
Bikes started lining up early for the Motorcycle Classics Vintage Bike Show at the 6th Annual Barber Vintage Festival on Saturday, October 9, 2010. 

There are plenty of excellent bike shows held around the country every year. But only a very few have that special something, that almost indescribable allure that makes us jump on our bikes, hop in our vans or climb into planes and travel hundreds if not thousands of miles to immerse ourselves in the vintage scene for a few days. The Barber Vintage Festival is one of those shows.

If you missed the Barber Vintage Festival last weekend, well, simply put, you missed the coolest vintage bike show of the year. Now in its sixth year, the Barber Vintage Festival keeps growing and growing. The first show, held in 2005, logged something on the order of 6,000 attendees. By the time the fifth show rolled around last year that number had risen to a reported 35,000. Working off those numbers, we’d guess at least 45,000 vintage bike fans showed up this year for what can only be described as three days of classic bike heaven.

I can only guess why the numbers seemingly rose so dramatically, but frankly, I’m chalking it up to pent up interest and a general frustration with the drawn-out economic slump; simply put, I think people are finally saying screw it, I’m going to go out and do what I love most, economy be damned. And in our crowd, that means getting together with like-minded bike fans.

Motorcycle Classics held its annual vintage bike show, and this year’s was our biggest ever. Helping to draw a crowd to our tent were some special guests, a somewhat loose-knit association of Suzuki Gamma owners. Some 25 Gamma owners descended upon our tent for the Gathering of the Gammas, celebrating 25 years since Suzuki launched the Gamma, an amazing 500cc, liquid-cooled, 2-stroke square four that put more than a little emphasis on performance. Gammas are fabulous machines, as were the bikes that participated in our show.

10/16/2010 8:33:21 PM

I couldn't agree more. First class all the way. I missed a lot as I was stuck in my swap meet booth, but I met a lot of very nice folks and bought and sold some great stuff. I'm awaiting my call on the Bonnie build bike, I've left a space open for her to come home. Keep up the great work M/C Classics and Barber Festival Organizers.

Monte Miller
10/16/2010 3:20:35 PM

I'm awaiting your call for the Bonneville! Sorry to miss the Motorcycle Classics show. Don't know exactly where I was on the Barber grounds but I was like a blind dog in a meat factory. So much to see and do. My riding buddy said I was vibrating! Most likely... My first visit but not my last. The Barber Motorsports Park, track and museum were far beyond my expectations. Friendly folks, immaculate, trash free grounds and the bikes, the bike, the bikes.

Dennis Weinhold
10/14/2010 3:59:41 PM

Richard - I missed you at the Barber Festival. I was very busy at my swap spaces and had a few other distractions. I agree with your analysis about the motorcycle community and the economy...We sold everything we had except a CB750 Sandcast motor! You helped to make the 1st Road America Vintage Motorcycle Festival a success and I am looking forward to grow it to the status of the Barber Festival. See you next June 10 - 12 in Elkhart Lake!

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