Bonneville Vintage GP Raffle Bike is back!

| 7/14/2010 4:46:04 PM

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Bonneville 2010 raffle bike

This year's raffle bike was built by Vicious Cycle in Portland, Ore. Make it yours!

We all missed it last year, but thanks to major support from the folks at the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Assoc. (AHRMA), Vicious Cycle in Portland and Bonneville event organizer Tom Kullen, the Honda CB160 Bonneville Vintage GP Raffle Bike is back for 2010, and it could be yours on September 5 if you have the winning ticket!

Blame it on a bum economy, but it just wasn’t possible to pull together a raffle bike for last year’s Bonneville Vintage GP. Held in 2007 and again in 2008, the raffle has always featured a Honda and it’s always been a CB160, the lovely little twins that have become immensely popular in West Coast vintage racing, and that have been a regular at the Bonneville Vintage GP, which every year features the Battle of the CB160s LeMans Start. A fantastic exhibition race featuring upwards of 30 CB160s, the race has riders run across the track LeMans-style to their waiting machines, where they grab their machines from a waiting helper, bump start them and then roar of down the track as quickly as they can.

Four-time world champ Doug Polen played along last year – and won – and he’ll be back again this year, too, racing in Saturday’s CB160 race. It seems like the lion’s share of the really competitive CB160s come from Joe Pethoud at Vicious Cycle, and if you win this year’s bike that’s what you’ll be getting, a custom, Vicious-built CB160, completely rebuilt and ready for the track. Tickets are only $5 each, or your can get 5 for $20 – definitely the way to go. And your money supports a good cause, helping defray the cost of staging the popular Bonneville Vintage GP, a hugely popular but also hugely expensive endeavor. Nobody gets rich on vintage racing events like this. At best, they break even and get paid for their time. But everyone has fun, and that’s why we, they and everyone else involved keep doing it year after year. So pony up and bike that ticket, and support great vintage racing!

Get your raffle tickets ($5 each or 5 for $20) by sending a check made out to AHRMA/Bonneville Vintage GP and sending it to:

Scott C. Lees
7/15/2010 2:32:55 PM

Now that's one mighty-fine looking Honda... who'd of thought that spindly little frame could hold so much red paint? I've been reading about that CB-160 series now for several years, maybe since they started it... has great interest for me as the first bike I really ever rode was an old 160 motor in an even older Zundapp frame. The bike belonged to a friend up the street, we had acres and acres of woods at the bottom of the hill and would ride all day. Good memories. As to road racing a CB160? The only bad thing I can think of is that I'm here on the East Coast and reading about a West Coast series. DARN!!! Hope to see you at the party.