Old Beemers at Bonneville

| 12/15/2008 2:49:51 PM

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BMWs at Bonneville
The Flying Fox Racing Team at Bonneville in 2007
(Photo courtesy Kevin Brooks) 

BMW enthusiast and Brooks Motor Works owner Kevin Brooks just emailed to tell us about a segment on the Bonneville Salt Flats that's scheduled to run on the Discovery Channel Dec. 16 and 17. Kevin tells us a crew of friends calling themselves the Flying Fox Racing Team took three old BMWs out to try and get land speed records (in the 500cc and 250cc production vintage gasoline pushrod category), and they did it.  Well, two of them, anyway. While there, a member of their team was interviewed by Discovery, and they've been monitoring the Discovery Channel, waiting to see what, if anything, was going to come of those interviews. The Discovery Channel segment is titled Speed Capital of the World: Bonneville. Sounds like must-see TV for bikers all. - Richard Backus 

Richard Backus
12/18/2008 11:28:29 AM

Hey Brent, thanks for the vote of support. Unless I missed it when I was getting something to drink, the Discovery Channel's Bonneville show turned out not to cover any of the vintage bikes, but it was still pretty entertaining. Maybe next time! Richard/Motorcycle Classics

Brent S. Biles
12/17/2008 8:46:16 AM

I'm glad to see some coverage on some of the best classic motorcycles out there. Keep up the good work, and thanks.