Motorcycle Poll: Which classic V-twin would you buy?

| 11/30/2010 4:20:44 PM

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Which classic V-twin would you buy?

Ahh, the classic V-twin; simple, strong, it’s a template for the ages. For many people, Harley-Davidson’s Sportster defines the classic V-twin motorcycle, and has come to be the essence of motorcycling for many riders, and none more so than the classic Sportsters of the 1960s. Other makers have used the V-twin, and very successfully, too. Moto Guzzi entered the V-twin arena with the 704cc V7 in 1966, and likewise Ducati with the 748cc GT750 in 1971 (although often referred to as an “L” twin). So the question is, if you could buy just one, which would it be?

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12/16/2010 2:08:44 PM

Wow!!! Lots of responses on this one. I'm a Britbike guy with an 850 Norton & an '07 Triumph Bonnie. The big battle on American streets in the 60s & early to mid 70s was between the Bonneville (and to a lesser extent the BSA Lightning & the Norton Commando) v. the Sportster. IMHO it was never a contest: the Brits won hands down. BUT, the Sporty is an iconic machine. I've said for years that the only two Harleys I'd have any interest in owning are the '36 - '40 EL Knucklehead 61 incher or a late 60s Sportster. So, I voted for the Sporty. Not because it's a better bike, in fact I think it's the worst of the three, but because it is an icon of that era. Also, were I to buy a Moto Guzzi it would be the new V7 Classic or if an older one, the original V7 Sport or a LeMans Mk.I. As for the Ducati, I'd much prefer a 900SS. I'm just sayin'. So the Sportster gets my vote mainly because it's an icon of an era & there are other models of the other two that I'd rather have.

Ken Mickler
12/10/2010 6:37:27 AM

I voted for the Moto Guzzi due to the current ride, a 1970 Guzzi Ambassador. Riding this motorcycle through all 48 connected states while writing a story about Freedom in America has increased my love of the Moto Guzzi V-Twin.

12/6/2010 9:37:26 AM

Seriously? How can you not have the Vincent Black Shadow or Black Lightning on this list?