Hall of Fame Debacle with Nobby Clark Nomination Continues

| 7/13/2012 1:33:08 PM

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The mess created by the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame over its nomination and subsequent about-face concerning the induction of Nobby Clark in the Hall of Fame keeps growing. Noted motojournalist and Hall of Famer Dave Despain has returned his HoF medal in protest, as has Hall of Famer legend Dick Mann. Hall of Fame committee member Charles Falco sent us the following email expressing his concern over the affair and his interpretation of matters. Charles Falco’s email follows:

Dear Fellow Motorcyclists,

Following are emails I sent over the past two days to Jeffrey Heininger, Chair of the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation (AMHF). In light of continued silence from the AMHF/AMA, I felt it important that as many interested people as possible were made aware of their disgraceful action in the matter of Nobby Clark's induction into the Hall of Fame in the hopes additional pressure is applied on them to reverse it. In case you are unaware, within the last 18 hours both Dick Mann and Dave Despain have returned their Hall of Fame medallions and insisted on having their names removed from the rolls.

If you want to express your opinion to the Chairs of the AMHF (Jeff Heininger) and the AMA (Stan Simpson), you can reach them at:


Charles Falco