Motorcycle Hall of Fame Needs to Explain Decision to Remove Nobby Clark

| 7/12/2012 11:56:06 AM

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Nobby Clark at work, date unknown 
Nobby Clark , date and place unknown. (Photo: Winnie Schiebe) 

More than a few people have been watching the unfolding drama as the American Motorcyclist Association Motorcycle Hall of Fame announced the impending induction into the Hall of Fame of Derek “Nobby” Clark, race mechanic to stars like Mike Hailwood, Jim Redman and Giacomo Agostini, then inexplicably reversed course weeks later, announcing Clark’s removal from consideration. Among the strong voices demanding an explanation are former AMA president Ed Youngblood and Hall of Fame committee member Charles Falco.

Unfortunately for the AMA, its handling of the so far unexplained decision to remove Nobby Clark from Hall of Fame consideration is casting a dark shadow on the organization, justifiably raising questions concerning the Hall of Fame's selection and vetting process. With no response forthcoming from the AMA, it would appear the officers of the largest, most important motorcycle rights organization in the U.S. feel justified in acting alone and without regard to any sort of open process.

The following is from Dr. Charles Falco, co-curator of the Guggenheim's "The Art of the Motorcycle" and Hall of Fame committee member, who kindly gave permission to repost his email to the AMA, first posted by Ed Youngblood on his excellent Motohistory site. Immediately following Charles Falco’s email is Ed Youngblood’s commentary on the issue, posted here with Ed Youngblood’s kind permission. -- Richard Backus 

Charles Falco’s email as posted on Ed Youngblood’s The following email was sent by Hall of Fame committee member Dr. Charles Falco to Motorcycle Heritage Foundation Chairman Jeff Heininger today. It raises the troubling issue of whether the prescribed committee process has been overruled by outside parties in the matter of Nobby Clark's removal from the 2012 list of inductees.” 

From: Falco, Charles M.
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 12:55 PM
Subject: The Hall of Fame election process