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2-Stroke Crankshaft Services by Roy’s Rides

roys rides

Two-stroke specialists Roy's Rides now offers complete 2-stroke crankshaft rebuilding services along with complete 2-stroke motorcycle rebuilding, with an eye toward creating refurbished, one-of-a kind riders. Although mechanically simple, 2-stroke engines suffer over time from deteriorated crankshaft seals, which cause lean running and other issues that can lead to complete engine failure. Fewer and fewer shops are offering 2-stroke crankshaft rebuilding services, which is why Roy's Rides started offering the service. Prices vary depending upon make and number of cylinders.

Motorcycle Wash by Spectro Oils


Most of us know Spectro Oils for their excellent 2- and 4-stroke motorcycle oils, but the Connecticut-based company has an extensive line of other products including but not limited to chain lubes, air filter cleaner and oil, brake fluid, assembly lube, spray polish, and their premium Motorcycle Wash, which Spectro says contains no petroleum solvents or harsh chemicals. Water-based and non-flammable, it will not spot-blanch metals if thoroughly rinsed. It worked great in our trial, including cleaning a dirty Laverda engine. $12.99.

Honda CB350 Rear Wheels by Dime City Cycles

dime city

With extensive experience developing their own AHRMA Honda CB350 race bike, Dime City Cycles knows a thing or two about CB350s. They have a huge inventory of parts for the 350, including complete, ready-to-mount 18-inch rear wheels. The DCC wheels feature new stainless steel spokes, a new rim, and new brake shoes mounted to a reconditioned, custom drilled OEM hub with new wheel bearings and seals. Black powder coat or polished finish (shown). $879.95.

Honda CB750 Shocks by EMGO


Vintage motorcycle parts supplier EMGO has announced new replacement shock absorbers for vintage Honda CB750s. Bolt-on replacements for the originals, the EMGO shocks are available with the upper shroud as used on 1969-1976 CB750s or unshrouded as used on 1977-1978 CB750s. Faithful reproductions of the originals, they're also better in every way with superior damping and rebound control. Suggested retail: $123.75 (unshrouded) /$132.30 (shrouded).

Vintage Motorcycle Mechanic Toolbox by Busted Knuckle Garage


OK, so Busted Knuckle Garage is known more for cars than bikes, but we think the Busted Knuckle Garage Vintage Motorcycle Mechanic Toolbox is pretty cool. Featuring all-steel construction, the 16-inch toolbox is powder coated for durability, and the nickel-plated steel latch and hinge mean you don't have to worry about it springing open when you toss it into the back of the race van. $49.95.

Cable Luber V3 by Motion Pro

motion pro

Motion Pro has introduced a new cable lubing tool. Most cable lube tools slip around the cable and are then clamped shut to make a seal, with spray lube fed through a small hole via the spray wand. They work OK, but they're also pretty messy as they don't usually seal well, particularly after lots of use. The Cable Luber V3 seals completely around the cable and housing and over spinning end fittings for a superior seal and less mess, which also means less wasted lube. $19.99.

Peter Starr Takes it to the Limit for Charity

peter starr

In 1980, motorcycle filmmaker Peter Starr produced his seminal work, Take it to the Limit. A close, in-depth look at professional motorcycle racing and the riders who were making motion history, the critically acclaimed film featured the greats of the time, from Mike Hailwood blitzing the Isle of Man Mountain Course on a Yamaha TZ750 to Russ Collins charging down the strip trying to break 200mph on his 600 horsepower drag bike, The Sorcerer. That movie, and the 40-plus other motorcycle films Starr made during his career, formed the foundation of his 2009 book and semi-autobiography, Taking it to the Limit — 20 Years of Making Motorcycle Movies.

Fourteen years ago, Starr, now 75, was diagnosed with prostate cancer, an experience that led to his founding the Healing Arts Education Foundation, a 501c3 charity focused on educating prostate cancer sufferers about alternative therapy treatment. The charity is a driving force in Starr's life, and keeping it running requires constant fundraising. To that end, Starr is making 11 copies of a special leather bound edition of Taking it to the Limit — 20 Years of Making Motorcycle Movies available to the first 11 people who make a $1,000 tax-deductible donation to the Healing Arts Education Foundation. Only 25 were printed, each copy personally autographed by many of the top riders featured in the book, including greats like Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson, Freddie Spencer, Bubba Shobert, Jay Springsteen, Malcolm Smith and many more. To donate, contact Peter Starr.