Found on eBay: 1958 Velocette Venom

This week’s eBay browsing led us in many different directions, but mostly towards the dirt. We’ve had the itch for a good Seventies enduro for running trails and the dirt and gravel roads “round these parts” for awhile, and though maybe we’ll find one of those next week, our searching came to a halt as soon as we saw this great old Velo. It’s just too nice not to share…

This 1958 Velocette Venom has basically been rebuilt from the ground up. Apart since 1993, the owner has just finished re-assembling the bike and fired it up for the first time just this past Sunday, April 27. As a part of the restoration, the engine was rebuilt with a new big end, clutch, bearings, piston, valves, gaskets and more. The magneto and generator have been rebuilt, and everything has been professionally painted and powdercoated. All the chrome has been re-chromed. It’s wearing new brake shoes, new Avon tires, all new cables, new footpeg and handlebar rubbers. The list goes on and on, so we won’t. Check out the auction for more details, more photos, and the cyber-drool we left all over the page. Enjoy.

To view the auction go here.

Published on Apr 30, 2008

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