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Triton with a Twist: Williams Triton 804

Story by Alan Cathcart

Dave Williams built the custom Triton he always wanted, complete with a host of hidden details.

His Lordship’s Motorcycle: 1984 Hesketh Vampire

By Margie Siegal

With a few custom tweaks, a rare Hesketh Vampire becomes a killer naked bike for the street.

Name Games: 1967 Norton/Matchless N15CS

By Robert Smith

Consolidation in the British motorcycle industry led to the N15CS, a Norton with a Matchless frame.

Best Kept Secret: 1950 Zenith Big Twin

By Alan Cathcart

This rare Zenith uses a 1930s 750cc JAP twin, which sat on a shelf through World War II.


Selly Oak Sophisticate: 1960 Ariel Arrow 250

By Robert Smith

Arrow owner Joe Li wanted a 2-stroke, but he didn’t want something Japanese. Enter the Ariel Arrow.

Big Cat: Panther Model 100

By Phillip Tooth

The Panther Model 100's big sloping cylinder makes it one of the most iconic British motorcycles of all time.

Past Perfect: The 1937 Brough Superior SS100

By Greg Williams

A collector's Brough Superior SS100 in original condition was once also owned by one of our writers and by George Brough himself.

Going for the Ton in Texas

By Mark Scott

Making a 1927 Scott Flying Squirrel really fly!