Comprehensive Tool Kit by RRR Tool Solutions

| 11/17/2014 8:14:00 AM

Tool kit by RRR Tool Solutions

Road riders should check out this comprehensive tool kit from RRR Tool Solutions. Much more than just a random selection of “standard” tools thrown together, the 46-piece RRR Adventure Tool Roll Set includes the tools you need when your bike suddenly demands attention out on the road. In addition to needed wrenches are a T-handle driver and bits, sockets, socket adapters, and RRR’s innovative nesting sparkplug socket set, all packed in a heavy duty tool roll. $144.60, includes shipping. MC

12/4/2014 8:06:08 AM

I've had this set for a while now and love it. When I take off on the road all I need do is throw this and my electrical tester in the pannier and I'm off. No need to search around the tool bins, gathering up what I'll need. The only thing I added to this roll is a wrench big enough for the axle (RRR also makes unique axle wrenches, too, btw). My set is specific to Triumph and has metric allen, metric hex, and star drivers/wrenches. The whole roll packed up is about 4" x 10" and I slip the roll into a small dry bag.