Enzo Gloves by Corazzo

| 2/16/2017 12:00:00 AM

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Corazzo Enzo gloves. Photo courtesy Corazzo

I got my first pair of Corazzo Enzo gloves about four years ago, and unless it was raining or really cold out they quickly turned into my go-to pair of riding gloves. An excellent set of all-around riding gloves, the Corazzo Enzos are fantastically comfortable. Styled like a classic driving glove, the Enzo’s goatskin leather wraps your hands comfortably yet tightly. Goatskin is known for its good stretch qualities, and this is a glove that fits. Loose gloves drive me crazy, so I’m particularly fond of the fit. Rider safety is augmented by PVC knuckle protection, and the hook-and-loop straps secure them tightly. Comfortable, good looking and well made, they’re an excellent three-season riding glove. $55. — Richard Backus

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