Honda Fuel Petcocks by Dime City Cycles

| 3/14/2016 12:00:00 AM

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Honda petcocks

Honda petcocks

Café and vintage parts specialist Dime City Cycles in Largo, Florida, is stocking reproduction fuel petcocks for a wide selection of vintage Hondas covering various models and years from 1965-1981 including CB/CL350s and 360s, CB400F, CB400 Hawk, CB/CL450s, CB500/550s, CX500s and CB750s. Aftermarket original equipment replacements, they’re made of aluminum and steel and designed to fit and flow just like the originals. Priced from $20.95 (shown) to $63.50. MC

3/29/2016 11:39:28 PM

It's a mistake to use a cheap reproduction fuel petcock, especially when Genuine Honda replacements are available for bikes like the CB350 for less than $50. There is no reason to believe those cheap copies have the same flow characteristics as the genuine originals, and the old maxim "You Get What You Pay For" certainly applies! Every Honda motorcycle restoration should begin with a good tank cleaning and a new Genuine Honda fuel petcock and new lines.

3/24/2016 10:05:56 AM

The petcock on a 74 CB 550 tank is quite different from the later models. A year ago I purchased a replica 74 style petcock for a build I was doing at the time. After days of trouble shooting carb problems, I discovered that the flow from one of the outlets was substantially less than the other. After several swaps with the dealer, it became obvious that all of the units had this problem. I was able to drill out the channel for the slow outlet and plug up the access hole. This access hole is easily sighted as that is how they get at the channels for manufacturing. The bike is now running fine with the proper fuel flows from both outlets!

3/24/2016 9:30:57 AM

One thing to be careful about with regards to "replica" petcocks... I put one on my 350 Honda twin, running stock carbs and was having trouble with fuel starvation at high speeds. After multiple carb checks, I compared fuel flow with the original Honda petcock with fuel flow from the "replica" and found that the fuel flow was around 1/3 less with the replica. I then bit the bullet, purchased a new Honda/Keihin petcock and my fuel starvation problems vanished.

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