Moto Guzzi Transmission Shift Linkage by The Guzzi Doctor

| 9/14/2015 8:16:00 AM

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Transmission shift linkage by The Guzzi Doctor

Moto Guzzi shift linkage

Chicago-based Moto Guzzi specialist The Guzzi Doctor has introduced a replacement transmission shift linkage designed to eliminate shifting problems commonly found in Tonti-framed Moto Guzzi twins from 1974-1979. The fully adjustable rod linkage features spherical ends and replaces the original clevis and cotter-pinned bent rod on early models, which tends to wear badly, resulting in a sloppy linkage and missed shifts. We installed one on a 1975 T3. It’s a bolt-on replacement for the original and provides immediate improvement in shift quality. $35 plus shipping. MC

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