Yamaha RD400F Daytona Reproduction Seat by HVCcycle

| 11/19/2015 2:01:00 PM

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Yamaha RD400F Daytona reproduction seat

1979-1980 Yamaha RD400F Daytona Reproduction Seat

HVCcycle now has available a Yamaha RD400F Daytona reproduction seat. The seat pan is made from durable fiberglass with a gel coat on the bottom to look like the original steel pan. It includes threaded mounting points for the hinges and latch, and comes with seat rubber pads. The seat is made from high-quality foam and cover, and a hand strap is included.

Please note that the attachments for the rear cowl are not included on the pan. You will need to fit the seat on the motorcycle and then locate where you want the cowl to be. Riv-Nut inserts and insertion tool are available.

Don't need a complete seat? Seat pans, foams and covers are sold separately. Visit the HVCcycle website to order.