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1913 Yale 7 hp Bike and Sidecar

Reader Contribution by The Motorcycle Classics Staff

1913 Yale 7 hp Bike and Sidecar

Country: USA
Engine: Air-cooled V-twin 4-stroke
Ignition: Bosch Magneto
Power Rating: 7 hp rated
Displacement: 61ci (998cc)
Valves: Inlet over exhaust
Transmission: Single speed, chain drive
Suspension: Front leading fork, rigid rear
Brakes: Rear coaster
Sidecar: Rogers “The one and only all-steel car.”

The Yale is a rare machine; this bike and sidecar are reputed to be the most original and unrestored in existence. An unusual feature on the Twin models is the horizontal cylinder fins. The sidecar was built by the Rogers Manufacturing Co., Chicago, Illinois, who would color-match them to any standard motorcycle. The wide track allowed the machine to run in wagon ruts for a smoother ride. Although Yale was only in business for 13 years, it held the distinction of tracing its lineage to the first motorcycle to cross the country in 1902. By the end of 1915 the market for war materials looked more promising than that for motorcycles, and Yale halted motorcycle production.

  • Published on May 22, 2013
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