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Race Track Refugee: Harley-Davidson XRTT-750

What do you do with an aging race bike that’s obsolete, yet hasn’t quite reached collectable status? Well, you could convert it to a street bike. That’s what Ron Martin did back in 1977 with a Harley-Davidson XRTT-750 rolling chassis that had been mothballed from road race duty shortly after Yamaha unveiled its TZ700 in 1974.

The moment that the banshee wail of that legendary 2-stroke inline 4-cylinder engine echoed off Daytona Speedway’s banking, the writing was on the wall for the antiquated XRTT-750 V-twin, or any other 4-stroke race bike, for that matter.

Martin, of Seminole, Florida, had acquired his relic racer when it was still intact, less engine. The road race bike originally cradled Harley-Davidson’s XR-750 engine — in either the early iron-cylinder incarnation or with the alloy cylinders and heads that debuted in 1972 — before the weekly tragedy that’s better known as professional racing relegated the venerable V-twin engine to the sidelines.

  • Published on Aug 9, 2016
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