Found on eBay: Restored 1969 BSA Rocket III

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall
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This week’s find is another British favorite: a BSA Rocket III. Introduced in 1968, the 750cc, 125mph three-cylinder Rocket III was crucial to BSA. The Japanese were flooding the market with high-tech, hi-power bikes, and the Rocket was BSA’s attempt to stem the tide. And thought the motorcycling press labeled the Rocekt the world’s first Superbike and applauded its performance, 1969 was just around the corner. With it came Honda’s CB750, and suddenly the Rocket wasn’t king anymore.

This beautifully restored 1969 BSA Rocket III is an amazing specimen, complete with a freshly rebuilt engine, a freshly powder coated frame and more. The seller states that the BSA has been  ” …completely restored with every item being rebuilt or replaced with new to original BSA factory specifications.  After restoration, it was started to confirm everything works, then stored in my home with zero miles and never ridden. Matching numbers NC00329 and cases 681A. No excuses or stories. This is as near perfect as you will find.

To visit the auction, go here.

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