Found on eBay: 1969 Triumph Trident

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Admit it: Sometimes everyone needs a challenge. You can’t always do the easy thing. Restoring this Trident would probably be what we like to call a “learning experience.” But isn’t it tempting just the same?

Editor Backus and I have both told multiple friends the same thing: If you’ve decided on a make and model of bike you want, find the nicest, most original example you can, and buy it. Spending a little extra for a nicer example is often much easier (and less expensive in the end) than fixing a truly rough bike.

But then there’s the other side of the coin: Isn’t it tempting to see how cheap you could buy a this-close-to-100-percent original bike that somebody just has to save? It’s tempting us.

According to the auction, the Trident is mostly complete, but the engine is stuck and that’s rarely a good sign. Don’t be scared though, because the auction clearly states that “… it did run when stored.” Assuming it is correct, the odometer reads just 596.7 miles.

For more info and to visit the auction for this 1969 Triumph Trident, go here.

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