Found on eBay: 1971 Velocette LE

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall
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Advertised as the last Velocette produced, this 1971 Velo LE is one rare find.

The auction for this 200cc, flat twin LE says the bike has just 153 original miles and was the very last Velocette to roll of the production lines in Birmingham, England.

Most Velocette fans are much more familiar with Velocette’s more traditional single-cylinder bikes, but the “Little Engine,” a flat twin, side-valve engine, won over many users and became very popular in the UK as a police motorcycle. The bikes had a reputation for near-silent operation, and were extremely sturdy and well built, running for years with just a small amount of regular maintenance.

This bike is listed as being completely original except for the battery, and it comes with the original tool kit and tire pump.

To see the auction, go here.

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