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Velocette Found

Reader Contribution by Mc Staff

In the May/June 2013 issue of Motorcycle Classics, R. James of Florida writes fondly about the Velocette he owned and rode when he was in England, which had the registration number of 771 AJW. I purchased this same bike January 2013. It was brought to Australia in 1987 and held by the same owner since then but never used. By the look of the photo it is in exactly the same condition, except now it’s in my garage.

I have the English logbook, which shows the last time it was registered in England was 1967, so it has basically been in mothballs for 46 years. I was surprised to see this Velocette in this color combination, which I have only ever seen one of, and when I got to the 771 AJW registration I got really excited, as the bike still carries these plates. I would very much like to communicate with R. James of Florida and hope you will forward my email address to him so we can talk. The photo was taken after I purchased the bike in January this year. — Hans Plieger/Victoria, Australia


Talk about a small world. We have forwarded your information to R. James. We’re sure he will be happy to hear from you!  — Ed.

  • Published on Jul 31, 2013
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