Found on eBay: 1970 BMW R75/5

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall
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Wandering through eBay this week has presented me with an unusual dilemma: To share, or not to share? The answer is obvious, but if this well-kept BMW R75/5 doesn’t wind up in good hands, I just know I’ll regret it. Despite the urge to feature another bike and do my best to pick up this bike for myself, we present the pick of the week, a lovely 1970 BMW R75/5 that appears to be in great original condition.

The seller mentions that they are the third owner of the bike, and that it has been recently serviced with “new shocks, new brakes, sealers, gasoline line and petcock.” While we’d like a few more details, such as whether the paint is original, what gaskets were replaced (if that’s what they meant by new “sealers”) and what other maintenance has been done over the course of their ownership, this appears to be a well-kept mostly original R75/5 that would make a great weekend tourer. Located in Alexandria, Va., it’s just a few hours from a lot of our East coast readers, and just a call to the shipping company away for the rest of us!

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