Found on eBay: 1966 BMW R60/2

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When it comes to classic bikes, everyone has their preferences. Some like ’em loud and obnoxious, others quick and stealthy, and some just like the ones that work really, really well. The latter crowd is often drawn to BMW’s due to their understated yet solid design, and if you’ve ever had a chance to ride a BMW from the Fifties or Sixties, it is likely an experience you’ll remember for quite awhile.

I was lucky enough to put a couple hundred miles on the 1969 BMW R69US that John Landstrom of Blue Moon Cycle ( in Norcross, Ga., loaned us last summer, and the smooth, torquey pull of the opposed twin meandering down a country road surrounded by cornfields is one I can still see in my head when I close my eyes…

That said, with summer on the way (well, eventually) we decided this week’s eBay bike should be a nice old BMW twin, and this was the favorite of the ones we came across.

This 1966 R60/2 reads just 690 miles, which have been put on over the past years since a restoration was completed. When the restoration was done, the top end came off, the heads were freshened, the transmission was rebuilt (by Irv Seaver in Orange, Calif.) new carbs were added, the frame was powdercoated, and the fenders and tank were repainted.

It looks to be a nicely cared-for, lovingly mainted old Beamer, which is exactly what we’d want in one.

Interested? Check it out here.

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