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The Motorcycle Classics/Dairyland Cycle Custom BMW

Reader Contribution by Mc Staff

PLEASE NOTE: This sweepstakes closed at 11:59 p.m., January 3, 2013. Please go to Dairyland Cycle’s Facebook page for further announcements on the build and the winner of our Race to Rebuild Sweepstakes.

Motorcycle Classics has teamed up with Dairyland Cycle to build a Custom BMW Café, and when we’re done, you could be riding it home if you’re name is chosen in the Motorcycle Classics/Dairyland Cycle Race to Rebuild Sweepstakes. Signing up is easy: Just go to Dairyland Cycle’s Facebook page, like them, then click on Race to Rebuild to enter the Motorcycle Classics/Dairyland Cycle Race to Rebuild Sweepstakes.  

This is much more than just a sweepstakes, bcause you get to have a voice as we undertake this months-long project. The first order of business was choosing our project bike, and we asked you to help by voting for one of four candidates; BMW’s long-legged R90/6, Harley-Davidson’s old-school Iron Head Sportster 1000, Honda’s iconic and revolutionary B750 Four, and the last of the “real” Triumphs, the classic T140 750 Bonneville. You chose the BMW, and now we’re getting to work crafting a cool custom café for the road.

We’re looking for our candidate bike right now, and as we move forward you can join in on the conversation and follow our progress online. Weigh in with your opinion on what we’re doing, and tell us what you’d like to see on our finished bike. How? Easy, just join the conversation anytime at Dairyland Cycle’s Facebook page, where we’ll regularly post our progress and let you know what’s up as our BMW Café takes shape. We’ll also post updates here, and of course we’ll feature highlights of the build in every issue of Motorcycle Classics. The best part comes when it’s done, because some lucky reader will ride our project bike home when we give it away! That’s right, give it away!

Our sweepstakes will run through the year, so sign up now to cement your chance to ride our custom BMW home in the Motorcycle Classics/Dairyland Cycle Race to Rebuild!

Not interested in following the conversation on Facebook? Not to worry, you can still sign up even if you don’t want to follow. Just click on this link to go to the Motorcycle Classics/Dairyland Cycle Race to Rebuild entry page.

  • Published on Apr 9, 2012
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