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1956 Gilera B300 Twin

Reader Contribution by The Motorcycle Classics Staff

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<h2>1956 Gilera B300 Twin</h2>
<strong>Country:</strong> Italy<br />
<strong>Engine:</strong> Air-cooled vertical twin 4-stroke<br />
<strong>Ignition:</strong> Battery and coil<br />
<strong>Power Rating:</strong> 12.5bhp @ 5,800rpm<br />
<strong>Bore x Stroke:</strong> 60mm x 54mm<br />
<strong>Displacement:</strong> 305cc<br />
<strong>Valves:</strong> Overhead, pushrod activated<br />
<strong>Fuel System:</strong> Single Dell&rsquo;Orto 20mm carburetor<br />
<strong>Transmission:</strong> 4-speed<br />
<strong>Suspension:</strong> Front telescopic forks, rear twin shock<br />
<strong>Brake:</strong> Front and rear drum<br />
<strong>Weight:</strong> Approx. 380lb<br />
<strong>Top Speed:</strong> 70mph</p>
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<p>Sensation of the 1953 Milan show, the 300 twin was virtually a doubled-up version of the well-developed 150cc single. Although lacking in power, the B300 was exceptionally smooth, easy to start and very flexible. This was a luxury tourer from a company that mainly produced inexpensive lightweights that sold in the U.S. under the Sears &amp; Roebuck label.</p>
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  • Published on Feb 26, 2014
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