1982 Ducati MHR

The Mike Hailwood Replica Ducati

| September/October 2009

Ducati MHR
Years produced:
Number produced: 7,169
Claimed power: 63hp @ 7,400rpm (1982)
Top speed: 130mph (est.)
Engine type: 864cc desmodromic SOHC air-cooled V-twin
Weight (dry): 463lb (210kg)
Price then: $6,400 (approx.)
Price now: $8,000-$20,000
MPG: 40-50 (est.)

Hollywood could never have written a better script. And who knows — with the success of The World’s Fastest Indian, they might just make the movie of “Mike the Bike” Hailwood and his 1978 Isle of Man TT comeback triumph. If not, at least the Ducati MHR allows you to look a little like Hailwood when you're crusing down the street.

Mike Hailwood, one of the most celebrated racers of all time, was effectively pushed out of top-level motorcycle racing in 1968 when Honda ended its involvement in GP and then enforced a no-compete clause in Hailwood’s contract to make sure he didn’t ride for anyone else.

So “Mike the Bike” became a car guy, racing in 4-wheeled Formula One for Reg Parnell, John Surtees and Bruce McLaren. He quit in 1974 after badly injuring a foot in a crash at the Nürburgring. In 1978, then living in New Zealand and bored with retirement, Hailwood let it be known he might ride again.

But why would any racing team, even the small-time Sports Motor Cycles operation based in Manchester, England, want to hire a superannuated rider with a gammy foot and a noticeable paunch who hadn’t twisted a grip competitively in 11 years? Good question.

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