Found on eBay: 1978 Ducati 900SS

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall
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It didn’t take us much time wandering around on eBay today to come up with this one. Once we found this original, ridden-but-loved 900SS, we stopped searching.

Though it looks like it’s been enjoyed by its current (and prior) owners, this SS appears to be in quite nice shape. The auction does mention a few rubbed off decals and less-than-perfect paint, but in our world that just means you can ride it without being quite as worried about harming it.

According to the auction, this Canadian-spec Duc has approximately 22,000 kilometers (or roughly 15,000 miles) on it. It had the valves checked and shimmed roughly 2,000 miles ago and wears good tires and 1st oversize pistons. The auction does mention a first gear that slips a bit, and offers several possible explanations, but depending on what kind of price the bike goes for, this may not be much of a concern. There aren’t many of these left, and they seem to be gaining in value, so if you want one, consider taking a look at this one before it’s too late.

To visit the auction for this 1978 Ducati 900SS, go here.

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