Found on eBay: 1984 Moto Guzzi T5

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall
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While Moto Guzzi may be most well known for classic bikes such as the many versions of the Le Mans, along with the Eldorado and the later Daytonas, the standard-style T5 is an odball we’ve always appreciated.

Designed to be the new basic model in Guzzi’s lineup, the T5 was introduced in 1983 and used an 848cc version of the small-valve, square head engine. Designed by Giulio Moseli and De Tomaso’s styling bureu, the bike featured a small, squarish front fairing that holds all the insturments and surrounds the rectangular headlamp, yet lacks any kind of true windshield.

This example has just over 11,000 miles and is in original, unrestored condition, though it hasn’t been run in about 8 years, so it probably needs the normal tinkering and tuning most bikes need after they’ve sat too long. It does have just a few nicks and chips, as most old bikes do, and the current owner also mentions that it has a small crack in the rear tail section and a few other things that need a little attention. But all told, it looks like a nice classic well deserving of a little time and attention.

To see the auction, go here.

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